Security / Legal basis

No one can compete with our security technology and 20 years of experience in the field of electronic signatures.

You can trust the electronic contract service from the digital signature and authentication agency.

싸인오케이 로고
  • Stability

    Service from the digital signature and authentication agency
  • Expansion

    3 different signature methods are available, customers can choose based on the contract’s conditions
  • Security


Stable service without worrying about service interruption

다우 키움 그룹, KICA 한국정보인증 - 사인오케이,프리미엄 전자 계약 서비스 다우 키움 그룹, KICA 한국정보인증 - 사인오케이,프리미엄 전자 계약 서비스


signOK provides various signature methods including Simple Sign, signOK Certificated Sign, and Accredited Certificate Sign, customers can choose a method based on the contract's condition

  • Simple Sign

  • signOK Certificated Sign

  • Accredited Certificate Sign



Customers can check the following information from the completed document (PDF) from signOK.

  • 1Verify the contract’s effectiveness
  • 2Verify the signer
  • 3Check the signing time
  • 4Check for document forgery

With other companies, customers can’t find any information from the contract document

  • 1No verified information available.

The contract documents signed with signOK are authentically proven by the certificate authority.

Maintain the standardized information protection management system by achieving & constantly renewing ISO27001 & ISM certification

  • ISO27001

    Achieved ISO27001 (International Organization for Standardization) certification

  • Achieved ISO27001 certification

    With ISMS certification, safely protect and manage customers’ sensitive information

  • First in Korea to achieve
    WebTrust Certification

  • File Encoding

  • Data Encoding
    with SSL Security Server Certificate